Sunday, May 30, 2010

My dear little sisters

So my parents don't let us take sex ed in health, i don't know why, its not like we don't know about it, like seriously my mom never lets us even talk about periods either lol. But my sister whose taking it right now has  to do a makeup project for it and the studipd crazy ass teacher who made me do something similar last year gave it to us without explaining what to do. Now i was gone the whole day so my six year old sister bugged the 13 year old. And the 13 year old got fed up and by the time I came home spanked her. The little one cried for awhile and said to my mom, "can I use your cell phone to call daddy and ask him what time he's coming home?" but she really just told on her. Clever girl -.- and my dad who has tempermantel issues, which drives everyone crazy, said he was going to beat up the 13 year old when he came home. i tried to calm him down but it didnt work and my mom came down and told him the 6 year old was lying. My parents never, like NEVER punish the little one, becuase she's their baby. So my other sister and I more or less raise her. My parents can't even control her. I don't believe in hitting your children unless they are way out of controll like stealing and beating up other people. So I grounded her. God that little girl got so mad. she wouldn't even speak to me. This is like her first ever punishment. I took away computer, ipod, music, and tv privillages. SHe asked if I could just teach her a lesson like they do on tv shows with all those plotting tricks. I was too tired and lazy and asked her if she'd rather have me hit her instead. SHe cried and whined for like a couple hours and eventually came to terms with her punishment. Meanwhile the 13 year old had gotten out of control mad her and a had to calm her down and help her realize that she needs to maintain her time with projects, which I'm sorry if you are reading this sister, but yeah. the little one is like emotionally wrecked. She thinks there is something wrong with her since she behaves bad and told me that our parents don't punish her because she has no friends at school and she cries everyday. I told her to suck it up and that I had no friends at one time and our parents punished us a lot and pretty much wrecked me childhood for me. My parents dont get along with the 13 year old and I. like the other day 13 year old was using my computer because her computer wasn't printing and my dad got mad ant her when he told her the computer wasn't printing because he said she was a know-it-all and bossy and had no respect for her. These are direct quotes.

Before you guys comment , like i know a lot of you will, and say things like we shouldnt spread gossip and tell about others sins, i use this blog to rant about my life, if you don't want to read then go find something else to do and f*** off.

ayyyyy i am never having kids.


A.B said...

parents can just be parents nothing wrong with ranting when S*ht happens....i have three brothers and since im the only girl i lived a spank-free childhood. im a total daddys little angel. little siblings can be sooo annoying..and yeah they do get away with a lot of stuff...with brothers..u can just smack them on the head and their over it the next hour...

myownpersonalrehab said...

haha i smack my little sisters too sometimes