Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello wonderful people Part 1: dubai day 1

No I'm not back, I'm in Bangladesh, but I found internet, so take that world.
So I took a flight from LAX to Dubai. I hate flying.  Espeacially for 16 hours. I don't sleep at all, so I was looked terrible when I got off. I found an old friend of mine, that I had hadn't seen in forever. I saw her at LA and she said she was going to India ( from Dubai) and she was going by herself. I was pretty shocked that she was going alone ( because of our age) and she really did need some help, so she said she was glad she found me. On the plane I bunch of movies and drank a ton of soda. That is what plane entertainment. So when we landed at Dubai, I stepped off the plane and I was like holy ****. It was so hot and humid, not at all what I'm used to. We took those stairs off the plane and then went to the airpost. It wasn't bad. But not busy like the LA one. And all around me were these dudes in those long white dress/shirt thingies. It looked so typical movie like, I had to laugh. There weren\t that many hijabis like I expected, but I could tell people were Muslim, so I still Muslim coliuntry experience. My connecting flight wasnt til like a day later, so we were spending some time in Dubai. My friend was gonna spend an extra day and was spending it at her relatives' house, who she never actually met. So it took us awhile to help her find her family, lol, since we couldn' just leave her by herself. So we waited for the bus to take us to our hotel.
The hotel was amazing!!! the rooms were really cool. They had a buffet for every meal. And the food was really delicious too. I could finally eat meat outside of my home, since everything was halal, and I could sausages too. I was wearing hijab during my time in the Middle East, since I figured there isn't any temptations for me not to wear it here anyways, plus I was here for Umrah.
We went shopping at one of the malls, somewhat near the hotel. I bought like a billion hijabs, and my very first two abayas; one plain and another embroidered. Everything was cheaper than Amerca ofcourse. I found this MAC foundations that they were selling  for only 10 dirhams!!!!!! Thats like $3 something.
I'm going to continue this post later, 'cause I gotta go now. byeee