Saturday, February 20, 2010

Going to the doctors...

Going to the doctors has become a routine to me now. This is very depressing to say. So yesterday I went to do a couple tests with the doctor checking my reflexises and muscle stufff and all that. Then I had an MRI donr. This was my first MRI and frankly i was a bit scared. I am a bit chlostrophobic and going into a vibrating tube for 15 minutes did not please me at allllllll! but it was better than i had expected they put a cloth over my head and wrapped me in this blanket and gave me this squeezy pump thing to use when i didn't like it anymore and wanted to get out. ( and it helps that my dad is an MRI tech and doesthem for a living) And now the odctor wants to run another test called EGG. It stands for a really big word, but you know the sterotypical tests where you see a sleeping person with wirses taped to there heads to monitor their brainwaves, well that is pretty much it. And for that i have to have my hair washed in the morning but no products no caffine or stimulizers and worst of all only four of sleep. Well I overslept all ready and I really hope this test doesnt fail.........

Anyways not related to all this I've looked back I don't post a lot. I don't know why. When I'm typing it always seems like it would be a lot but for some reason I have the gift of shortening out everything I want to say when I'm blogging. So yeah thats pretty much it. This weekened I went to the Masjid on Friday, tonight there's a party, and Sunday night i have a friend coming over!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've seemed to ignore blogging

Frankly I've been too lazy to type something about my life, but i decided  I might as well today.
So here is what I have to say.
My head is killing me and the headaches have gotten worse. But I'm super busy with theatre to care. YAY opening night on the 25th. Im so exctited!!!. We are doing You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.

Monday, February 8, 2010

How life is

well life is pretty great and kinda boring though but i won't complain. Exept these crazy allegies are driving me crazy. today i had to call my mom to school to bring me some advil. the stuffy nose pregressed to coughs. As i was coming back from the nurses office going to my spanish calss i started coughing like crazy and this tall dude was like half scared "are yoy okay?" he asked me.
so yea thats pretty much it.
and for all the Muslims out there have you guys heard about the Russian baby with born with birth marks that are verses from the Qu'ran. If that is isnt a sign form Allah i don't know what is. By the wat I'm starting to wear hijab again. I think the day of Judgment is closer than ever now.....
I'll leave you guys with that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

what happened in my second per. algebra 2 class

so this girl sits down ans says hi to two the two guys that sit next to her

guys: dont say anything

girl: uhh you guys are supposed to hi ___ how was your first period

guy1: hi ___ how was your first period ( he says sarcastically)

guy2: hi ___ how was your second period

Mr.___ ok the answer is 306
guy3: hey did you get tht
guy3: ok i was just asking

girl : see guys why can't we talk like that