Sunday, August 29, 2010

First week of school

So I just finished my first week of school. Only 35 more to go lol. WOW it was really tiring. It's been really hot here in California and with fasting I was getting really dehydrated. So here are the classes I'm taking this year:
Eng honors
AP Gov/Econ
Spanish 3
Intermediate Theatre
Pre-calculus/ Trig

Pre-calaculus has been the hardest class for me. I've stayed up til one in the morning trying to finish the homeowrk. I should be doing homework now too. Someone told me to kiss your social life good-bye when we entered sophomore year. Well, I guess I should be. This year doesn't seem as good as last year. A lot of my friends are drifting away. It seems... hollow....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just a random question...

does anyone know if your fast breaks if you throw up???

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan and other random shizz

 So I havn't exactly been feeling well, since I came back, a mild stomach flu. Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim readers. I'll continue travel posts later. I can't fast if you guys know what I mean,.which gives me time to recover. By the way do you have to fast if you've got a severe, fever, cold, cough or something like. Fasting for me has only been fard for a very short time noe, because of my age. I never really had gotten sick during ramadan. Granted a few colds. Nothing I couldn't bear. Just wondering.
So regristration for sophomore year was today. I got to see all my friends, get my books, take the school pictures blah blah. All while wearing a Dolce & Gabana headscarve I picked up at Dubai. They had a lot of designer scarves for less, so I picked up a few ( A LOT).
At the moment I have an obsessioon with childhood movies. Especially disney princess movies. I have no idea why. I miss my old home, from like 3 years back, because it was small and cozy. Not that I don't LOVe this new house. But it seems so big. I don't know I'm just wishing that it would be like winter and it would snow and there would be like a fireplace. My old home had that feeling. You guys are going to laugh at me but my old home was demolished and remodeled into this current one. No change in location or wheather. It just felt more cozier. I suddenly miss my childhood fir some reason too. It feels like everything is material and big and so uggg. I need simple-ness in my life and I have no idea how to achive it. So I got my eid clothes in Bangladesh and a pair of matching heels. I decided to give up wearing heels over 3 inches for awhile. I think it might come off as trashy gocven my age. Last year for eid i wore this pair of 4 1/2 inch heels that were AH-DOR-ABLE I'm not exactly that short compared with other Bengalis, so someone ( grrr0 asked my mom your daughter is so tall how are you going to find her a husband as tall as her. For the record I"m like 5' 3" and 1/2. People here for some reason are really short. Most don't even make it to 5'.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Part 3 : Bangladesh

I forgot to mention in my previous post about the complications at Jeddah airport. GRRRRR. We took like a dozen air freashners and put them in our luggage. America accepted them but Jeddah wouldn't. And they took the scissor ( again accepted by America) we took for cutting our hair for Umrah. So yeah At Dhaka my dad's older brother, his daughter, and my eldest aunt's middle son met us there. They took a bus from Chittagong to Dhaka  the day before so they could take our ten luggages ( not including carry-ons) we had. My uncle and older cousin ( the guy) took our luggage, and the girl was going to Chittagong with us by plane. OH MY GAWDDDDDD. That thing should not even called a plane. it was old and rusty and hadlike twenty seats, a bathroom with no sink, it was ughhhh. and there was so much turbulance we thought we were gonna die!. My cousin who had never been on a plane was pretty freaked out. All th other passengers were bussiness people and used to it, that they took no notice of it. They just sat reading their newspaper while my parents were making kalma lol. My mom's youngest brother met us at the airport and brought a car and minivan to take us to my dad's house, where both sides would meet us. Dear lord, there is soooo much traffis in Bangaldesh. What would of taken like half an hour in America took us an extra hour. It was raining that day took. So we got out of the car, where everyone crowded around to see us. The servants carried our luggage and cousins helped us out of the car with individual umbrellas. We hadn't seen everyone in 4 years, so we got a lot os special attention. In America, my family is the avergae upper middle classish family ( though we are a litle tight with money at the moment). In Bangladesh there are servants galore. What ever we say can get done with in seconds. There's a servant only a few older than me who adresses me in a formal tone. totally not what I was used to. My sister and I were escorted to our room , where people were peering in through the doors to look at us. It was admittedly, slightly creepy. Did I mention the massive amount of hugging that had to be endured? Sorry not a hugger. The electricity goes out on a daily basis in Bangladesh. Especially where my dad's house is. There is like no more than ten hours of electricity a day. And my grandafather had rented all the surrounding land for tennents. the area was hot, crowded, filthy, and slightly stinky. You needed light in the day time too. Thank god there was a generator. So that day I ate properly for the first time in a week. There was a lot of family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sister- in- laws ( cousins' wives), brother-in-laws, nieces, and nephews. plus even like my grandparents brothers and siters and there kids, grandkids, and grandkids.
   There's still a lot more of my travels I can't wait to share, but I'm done for now.

Part 2 of my travels

So the next day day two of my travels, I was flying from Dubai to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. We made Ihram in our hotel, the intentions, and the prayer, because of some complicated thing I really can't explain, but we wouldnt have time to go to a Miqat for our first Umrah. It felt so good even before I even left the hotel, that state of total purity and spirituality. And in the hotel lobby, when we were checking out, we saw all these people in the state of Ihram. I can't describe that feeling of unity. So went on the plane for like and hour and half. Then we reached Jeddah. Again as I got off the plain the heat wave struck. It really is disguting lol. A family friend who was on vacation at Jeddah with his family like I am in Bngladesh offered to keep our extra luggage that was meant for Bangladesh at his mother's house. And a distant relative of ours whose husband lived in Saudi helped out too. We took a mini van from the airport to our hotel in Makkah. It took about an hour. So we arrived around midnight. We hadnt had any rest or food but we decided to do Umrah anyway that night. Oh my gosh when I saw the Kabbah for the first time. I mean you see pictures of it but ..... oh my gosh. So we did Umrah and we stayed at the Masjid until Fajr. So since we hadnt eaten since the day before, had no rest or anything, we got really really dizzy. It was exhausting. The fajr adhan had been done but the actually jammat was like 45 minutes later. And conveniently no spoke Engliah. We managed to make it through prayets and collapsed on our beds and slept til way late in the day. My parents manged to pray all five prayers in the masjid, but my sisters and I weren't always strong enough. So I'd usually pray once in the hotel room. Luckily we stayed at the Makkah Hilton towers, which is literally right next to the masjid, and the prayers, even the jammat can be heard. So I could pray from my room. My younger sister wasnt feeling well when we weren't doing Umrah, we really didnt eat well those days. Just junk and we were really tired. I was fine during the times we made Umrah mashallah. And even my sic year old sister perfomed Umrah. So we stayed three nights and manged to make three Umrahs.
   Then we wet to Madinah. Thankfully much less crowded. We stayed again right next to the masjid. The fist we arrived we checked in and while my two younger sisters got some rest I went with my parents to pray Asr. It was really windy so I designer looking sunglasses and purse ( for keycard with me). I hadnt emptied my purse before so it had my phone and ipod ( even though I took out all the music before going there) in there. I have something to take up with those, as my sister and I called them, burqani gaurds (haha), they were really strict and wouldnt let women in with phones. ipod was okay, but no phones and cameras. I was really ticked and dissapointed because I wanted to take pics of the inside. Its just so beautiful. So my mom went in there first prayed, then came out held my purse, and then I went inside. We were already too late for jammat anyways. There was a young mother with an infant and toddler with a phone, and they wouldn't let her either. The men's security was a lottttt less strict, so my dad did all the camera work. We went on jiharra and so Arafat, battlefield of Uhud, the prophet's grave, etc. We left at the end of the week. driving back to Jeddah and then took a connecting flight back to duvai and went to Dhaka.
  I'm contuning part three in a seperate post ( I'm back home now!) i think this is getting a bit too long.