Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cronic lying

i have a problem, its called lying. i want to stop but i can't. like today a friend brought her striaghtner to sschool and i just couldnt resist straightening my bangs. and m hair is curly so when i came home my mom noticed. and she doesn tlike me doing it because she thinks the heat will damage my brain. well i dont sraighten my hair enough for that to happen. and i told i just put my bangs up and they became straighter. ( that has happened on rare occasions to me)
i feel really bad though

Saturday, January 23, 2010

self promoting

so i decided to undelete my old fashion blog, but note: it does not contain all modest or hijabi outfits, i made these for fun on polyvore

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finals plus rain

so yea finals this week, i think i did pretty good and on the plus we got shortened days this week and we only had three days this week too.

BUT I HATE THE RAIN! its been raining like crazy that my bathroom ceiling has been leaking.
-______- i absolutely hate anything cold and wet. I love it when its cold but dislike when the sky decides to precipitate. some of my school has been pretty flooded and there are ginormous puddles everywhere aand when you are forced to go through them because about a hundred people decide to use the same hallway you use because the grass part is all wet, your shoes automatically soak up the filthy dirt water. ( in SoCal most school have outdoor hallways). anyways thats pretty much it im missing the Cali sun right now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

so grateful

i just wantedto express how much i love my friends! they are always there for me and can deal with my creepy emoness days and break downs and thanks for all the support from all of you who read my blog!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i am so strange

so today was the dayi was finally going to wear hijab all day, and it worked great it looked cute i had it on all the time until lunch.....
so i was laughing and joking around with my friends and suddenly wheni pull a little on hijab i start geting dizzy and then the next thing i know i cant breathe and im gasping for air i can talk or reathe according to like the fifity people who witnessed it 8i was shaking uncontrably and i started crying. the told me to take off my hijab because they thought i was strangeling myself somehow so i did. here ends my goal lol. so they take me to see the nurse ad cover me up with a blanket check my blood pressure gaive water and candy to make sure nothing had happened because of low blood sugar.
they tell me its a form of a panik attack and it could happen quite often in my lifetime
i think loveley... you guys would not believe how embarrased i felt for doing that in front of everybody
just my luck right?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a little advice needed

so heres my story on hijab. my parents kinda foced me into it when i started seventh grade way before i "needed to" if you know what i mean. i was pretty good aout it and wore it thru middle school. when i started high school i started wearing it i the beginning and i then i stopped about two months ago. now my goal is to start wearing it again. but theres is my problem its more a fashion delima then about my faith. i love changing up my look and looking pretty, i dont mean to sound airheaded or arrogant at all but yes i do get a lot of compliments on my look and stuff. now that i im staring to wear hijab again i want advice which i'll post up on a lot of other sisters' blogs as well:

how do i change up my look in a hijab? i just want to feel pretty sometimes what every girl kind of wants

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Havent posted for awhile

so heres whats been going on with me:

school is hectic with finals coming up

i have this condition of dry skin that is making my life miserable, i had it since i was a kid and i had it everywhere and it eventually went away as i got older but now suddenly it came back with vengence! the doctor gave me all these cremes and told me to mosturize every few hours. but she also told me to wash less often. im thinking i will that happen i mean come on im muslim! we have to use water every time we use the restroom. its horruble, my life with the lack of water and im reduced to having to wash my hair in the sink. on top of that i have a yeast infection in well obviously a certain area which is killing me!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


first of all i want to wish everyone a happy new years
second i think i want ro change my blog template again
third here are some of my resolutions

1) to restart wearing hijab again
2) to make less typos
3) get better grades
4) to get more followers on my blog!!!!!!!!
5)to learn to live better with my people around me
6) to make the best of this year