Thursday, January 14, 2010

i am so strange

so today was the dayi was finally going to wear hijab all day, and it worked great it looked cute i had it on all the time until lunch.....
so i was laughing and joking around with my friends and suddenly wheni pull a little on hijab i start geting dizzy and then the next thing i know i cant breathe and im gasping for air i can talk or reathe according to like the fifity people who witnessed it 8i was shaking uncontrably and i started crying. the told me to take off my hijab because they thought i was strangeling myself somehow so i did. here ends my goal lol. so they take me to see the nurse ad cover me up with a blanket check my blood pressure gaive water and candy to make sure nothing had happened because of low blood sugar.
they tell me its a form of a panik attack and it could happen quite often in my lifetime
i think loveley... you guys would not believe how embarrased i felt for doing that in front of everybody
just my luck right?


AlabasterMuslim said...

I think you should take your parents up on the offer to go to the doctors. You have panic attacks a lot. Don't let your health go down the drain, i'm worried for you!
But alhamdullilah your panic attack wasn't any worse.
Try hijab again, and this time it will be a lot easier inshallah.

AyaGyptian said...

i am sorry to hear that sis, but as AlabasterMuslim said i also suggest u go to the docter with your parents. oh and by the way, its hard to read with that background you have, with that swing thing in the way lol. just that i'd let u know, salam :)

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ im supposed to go to the doctors today cuz my breathing is getting heavier, but mom decides to put it off on account of company coming, since they live far and the dad of the family has just beaten colon cancer it wud b rude to tell em to come

Amira said...

Agree with Aya and AlabasterMuslim definitely go to a doc and get it checked out when you get the chance inshallah. Dont lose hope n keep trying inshallah.