Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cronic lying

i have a problem, its called lying. i want to stop but i can't. like today a friend brought her striaghtner to sschool and i just couldnt resist straightening my bangs. and m hair is curly so when i came home my mom noticed. and she doesn tlike me doing it because she thinks the heat will damage my brain. well i dont sraighten my hair enough for that to happen. and i told i just put my bangs up and they became straighter. ( that has happened on rare occasions to me)
i feel really bad though


Skye said...

Hi hun I usually only do swatches of nail polish, meaning ill
paint one hand,take some photos than take it off again,I only
wear nail polish in that time of the month

myownpersonalrehab said...

oh i see thanks for replysing

R2theM said...

Hi, I've been perusing your blog and just wanted to say something. Anything. So here goes:

Lying, when you're put on the spot... everybody does it. Especially when they're faced by someone you feel you have to keep happy. A

lhumdolillah, at least you intend to try and stop. But don't guilt yourself -- just keep reminding yourself of positive messages and that you know it's not right.