Saturday, January 9, 2010

Havent posted for awhile

so heres whats been going on with me:

school is hectic with finals coming up

i have this condition of dry skin that is making my life miserable, i had it since i was a kid and i had it everywhere and it eventually went away as i got older but now suddenly it came back with vengence! the doctor gave me all these cremes and told me to mosturize every few hours. but she also told me to wash less often. im thinking i will that happen i mean come on im muslim! we have to use water every time we use the restroom. its horruble, my life with the lack of water and im reduced to having to wash my hair in the sink. on top of that i have a yeast infection in well obviously a certain area which is killing me!!!


Amira said...

hope things get better for you inshallah. Just remember that "For a mu'mins headache, a thorn prick, or any other thing, which causes him distress, Allah will elevate him one degree and wipe out his sins on the day of resurrection."

AlabasterMuslim said...

Awww sweetie I hope you get better inshallah!!!
I HATE yeast infections. If you have access to my private blog (I'm pretty sure you do..) you'll know all about my yeast infection issues LOL.
The dry skin you are speaking it Eczema? Thats what is sounds like. I've never had it, but i knew this one girl growing up who did and hers was HORRIBLE! She was covered from head to toe with cracked, red dry skin and she just looked like she was almost OLD. But she didn't moisturize, so make sure you do!!!
I love you girl! Inshallah you do well on your finals!

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ both
thanks so much yea i do mosturize n yea its eczema alhamdulillah its getting better