Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a little advice needed

so heres my story on hijab. my parents kinda foced me into it when i started seventh grade way before i "needed to" if you know what i mean. i was pretty good aout it and wore it thru middle school. when i started high school i started wearing it i the beginning and i then i stopped about two months ago. now my goal is to start wearing it again. but theres is my problem its more a fashion delima then about my faith. i love changing up my look and looking pretty, i dont mean to sound airheaded or arrogant at all but yes i do get a lot of compliments on my look and stuff. now that i im staring to wear hijab again i want advice which i'll post up on a lot of other sisters' blogs as well:

how do i change up my look in a hijab? i just want to feel pretty sometimes what every girl kind of wants


Amira said...

Sallam sis what I do go online usually on YouTube and watch various vids on how to wear hijab. Everyone has a different style. Personally when im messing around with styles I've seen in pictures or videos I come up with my fav styles. I posted some "howtos" on my blog as well. Hope this helps inshallah.

myownpersonalrehab said...

thanks a lot sis !