Monday, March 29, 2010

An update

So lets see, my mom thought there might have be pressure on my eyes, so last week we went to see an optomitrist. They have all these glasses at a shelve and I couldn't help but try them on. Oh gosh I look horrible in glasses! The optomistrist said there was nothing wrong with my eye but I have astigmatism so i need glasses anyway. greatttttttttttt. But my partents are too cheap and I don't tink I really need them. I can see perfectly well without them, its only really small letters I can't see. And since the doctor didn't say I HAD to have them, I dob't think I'll really be getting them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So I'm still Sick

Its been like two mionths and I've seen like a billion different doctors. The excruciating pain returned yesterday at 6th period. And i srtarted crying, because i hate acting like a girl in front of people ( whicjh is weird because I'm so girly) So i walk to &th period crying my eyes out and the the teacher and a room full of guys are just like staring at me. So i excuse myself to the bathroom as everyone else starts walking in. And some track girls help me clean up and give me some water while i walk back to class. So other than the pain, I'm having saline iscahrge from my mouth and nose from that neti pot thingy, which makes it hard to breathe. So i start hyperventaliting. Again super embarrassing. I go back to class but discharge is till coming out so i have to stand outside the door leaned over a trash can with a handful of tissues. Then i go back into class just to get the whole box full. I finsh crying and calm my breathing down. I sit back down in class. And one scond leter I yell ooooow because  i experiance a sharp jab of pain. " Okay you need to go to the nurse" someone says and a friend of mine helps me walk there. At the nurses i call my  mom who has to pick up my two other sisters first. So by the time she comes, school is over anyway. The nurse can't do anything but watch me twist in pain. I come home, eat, ( which is amazing, i can alays count on my apetite) , and sleep. My mom gives me eardrops because I think the pain is in my ear. I wake up to try to do some homework. but scream out in more pain. So my dad takes me to the emergency and they tell me the pain is not in my ear, it just feels like it. they prescribe me 4 pills of decongestant a day and some additional pain killers and a nasal spray because they think it has to do with my sinus.

I don't go to school today and at 3:30 i have an appointment with a neck and throat specialist, because one of my previous MRI's revealed i have a slightly lareger than average tonsil at the back of my throat. This tonsil is supposed to disspapper by my late teens. But to make sure This is affecting me, i see this doctor. So she sparays the inside of my nose to numb it. then sticks this camera in a rod down my nose to the back of my throat. She tells me the sinus has nothing to do with my pain. There is a different, unknown cause. So To make sure the tonsil is not affecting it., they'll monitor my sleep nad if it is I'll have surgery. And If it isn't... I don't know from there

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vacation Plans

So over spring break, which starts in about two weeks I can't wait, we have our cousins who live in london coming to stay. We havent seen them in six months since they moved and i misss them so much. My cousins are 8 and turning 3 and I've seen them since the day they were born so I'm very attached to them. But we also hae an elderly family friend couple who want to stay with us during that time. They live in San  Fransico. My family doesn't like them very much. frankly they are a big bother to tak care of when they come to visit and we were lookin forward to some quality time with our cousins.

And over Summer break, once my and my sister finish summer school My family will be going for Umrah. And then to visit Bangladesh. So as you can see I have a lot going on.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

got some work done lately

My theatre performance was a hit! This time I wrote a skit about Hobos vs. Willie Wonka ( I played Willie Wonka ofcourse!) haha, I always write myself the most funniest, dramatic part. I was a little pissed off at my group because well, as much as I love them, they cant act. they admitted it temselves they aren't meant to b actors, they just joined the class for credits. If you haven't read my earlier posts, I'm a big lover of actin and theatre. So i decided to make a new and improved version of my old fashion blog, check it out and let me nknow what you think

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Had fun today

So we have this thing called strike after a production is donw, where all the actors and crew clean up and put away things like that. Well my friends and I decided to go to the second one today so we could go to Denny's later. ( Denny's is an American diner) Well the guy thats in charge of use didn't hvae anything for us to do so 17 other people and just sat around saying random brain teasers, while some other people were working. One of my friends had to work and later she told me , " gosh you guys were so distracting, yu know it's not fair you got to just sit around while I did inventory." I just laugh in her face. So later we went walked to Denny's and tried to convince the people to give us an order of all you can eat pancakes so we could all eat them. The person got slightly irrated and tried to explain we couldn't share an order, thats's why the all you can eat pancakes were only for $4. So instead we ate cheese fries and an ice cream sunday. Then we went to Rite-Aid ( a drugstore) so one of my friends could buy some more ice - cream. I'm a major beauty junkie and they had just got in a new order of makeup and my friend literally had to drag me away from the makeup counter.
" But it's only $7.99!" i shouted for a the small bottle of shampoo you ever would see.
" Ayyy! Why do you waste your money on all this pointless junk anyways?" she said as she dragged me away.

then when I get home and go on facebook, one person i had invited to go with us and couldn't decide whether to go or not had commneted" can i go with you guys?"
I was like you saw me today you could have asked in person ... we kinda already went. He was like aww ok.
So lesson learned from this is ask people in person not over facebook.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My fashion blog

I have decided to re0delete my fashion blog because something is wrong with it. I want do start another fashion one. So tell me should I make another blog or just post them here?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super busy

So the doctor says that there are supposed to have sacs next to our brais that keep it  in balance. And they are supposed to be filled with air. Mine are blocked with sinus. So i guess you can call irt a sinus or block. Its nothing serious, it just hurts alot and and is very uncomforatble. ANd i have to take all these pills and do things to get it unblocked.

But anyways in theatre we have out show going on. today is the last two performances. Im so excited but also sad that its going to be last show of the year. but good thing I'm only a freashman i still have three more years left. And we choosing outr classes for next year too.
im taking :
English  honors
Chemistry honors
AP euro
Pre cal/ trig
Spanish 3
Medical course 1