Saturday, March 13, 2010

Had fun today

So we have this thing called strike after a production is donw, where all the actors and crew clean up and put away things like that. Well my friends and I decided to go to the second one today so we could go to Denny's later. ( Denny's is an American diner) Well the guy thats in charge of use didn't hvae anything for us to do so 17 other people and just sat around saying random brain teasers, while some other people were working. One of my friends had to work and later she told me , " gosh you guys were so distracting, yu know it's not fair you got to just sit around while I did inventory." I just laugh in her face. So later we went walked to Denny's and tried to convince the people to give us an order of all you can eat pancakes so we could all eat them. The person got slightly irrated and tried to explain we couldn't share an order, thats's why the all you can eat pancakes were only for $4. So instead we ate cheese fries and an ice cream sunday. Then we went to Rite-Aid ( a drugstore) so one of my friends could buy some more ice - cream. I'm a major beauty junkie and they had just got in a new order of makeup and my friend literally had to drag me away from the makeup counter.
" But it's only $7.99!" i shouted for a the small bottle of shampoo you ever would see.
" Ayyy! Why do you waste your money on all this pointless junk anyways?" she said as she dragged me away.

then when I get home and go on facebook, one person i had invited to go with us and couldn't decide whether to go or not had commneted" can i go with you guys?"
I was like you saw me today you could have asked in person ... we kinda already went. He was like aww ok.
So lesson learned from this is ask people in person not over facebook.


Amira said...

lol nice lesson.

AlabasterMuslim said...

Yeah lol nice lesson.
I love days like that; where everything goes your way and you have a blast.
But hey, they should have let you split the all you can eat pancakes.
And I can totally imagine your friend dragging you away from the store! LOl

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ Amira- yup

@ AlabasterMuslim- i know right!