Thursday, May 20, 2010

At home

first of all are my posts and updates showing up on your dashboards or did I mange to screw up my blog again. Ahh well. comment if you can't see my posts please. So I'm at home because i'm still recovering. I won't be able to perorm or tryout for volleyball so I'm upset. But I'm gonna see the show anyways, which will probably make me feel bad. *tears*. My tv is not working plus there really isnt anything good on right now so I'm reduced to blogging.

How are you lovely people in this world. Lets talk.... food and clothes and summer....
I love eating ice cream and now its frozen yougurt too. Its like super good and i can eat it every single day if I could. I'm craving macaroni and cheese right now, the one from the box with the dinosaur on it. I never realy liked dinosaurs as a kid. I wanted to be a princess. I like wearing dresses the more pink and frilly and sparkly the better.

Have you guys wartched glee? its AWSOME. i have to admitt there are a couple episodes that made me cry too. I love watching tv sometimes to see what people are wearing. And then I google dress like...blhablah show/character/celebrity and see how I can get what they are wearing. I spent a lot of pointless time on the internet.

Only 14 dyas of school left although I'm still at home. what are your plans for summer??????


NeverEver said...

yep you showed up on my dashboard!

ice cream = yes
mac n cheese = yes
dinosaurs = yes
pink frilly dresses = eh, not so much

at least we are food compatible!


Ashi said...

unfollowed you and then folowed you again, its working ok i think, it turned up on the dashboard =D

ice cream, yummmmmmmmmm *drools*

mac and cheese, meh not so much =P

i LOVE Glee!! Emmma has a matchy concept to her dressing, but i really like it, it goes so well together, i think only she can pull it off! otherwise I love Blairs style in Gossip Girl as opposed to Serenas!

i love clothes in general! =P

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ NeverEver- haha we are food compatible!

@Ashi I wish I could dress like Blair from Gossip girl but its pretty much impossible, I think Serena's is more more do-able. But I like Blair's style better.

Im in an epic fashion mood