Monday, May 17, 2010

I like doing tag posts

I decided to make up a tag and its pretty simple and has been done before but what the hey! So Its just seven random facts about yourself.

1. my favorite color in the wholewide world is purple. I have too much purple and people i barely know can guess its my favorite color. Wich doesnt really describe why I'm typing in this color, I just think it'll look good with my blog.

2. I wasn't born here. I came from Bangladesh when I as two months old

3. I usualy blog the most often when I should be doing homework.

4. there are 17 more days of school left until summer vacation starts. I'm so excited i'll be a sophomore next year.

5. I chose my profile picture as a bloody rose because I think it best represents me. I'm happy and a chill person but I have a bit of darknes, mystery, and have a 'tainted life" from my experiences.

6. I have done so many things I regret, I wish I could take them back.. every person has a secret.

7. I love being the center of attention and having the spotlight on me. I love having that feeling that for the moment peoples only thought is of you. I'm nort like the average Muslim who likes to blend into the background 8 and don't you poeple post hadiths about this!) I like to stand out. god made us all different for a reason.

So now i'm going to tag people
Muslimah93 ( just put it in the comments)
My sister ( winning over my world)
heart and soul
forever learning

 and everyone else who reads my blog!


heart/and/soul said...

You're a woman, or should I say girl?, of mystery! (talking about the rose).

"I usualy blog the most often when I should be doing homework."
So do I. So do I. I think most of us do. XD

"I have done so many things I regret, I wish I could take them back.. every person has a secret."
Alhamdulilah we learn from our pasts & our mistakes. I'm actually thankful that it happened, if not I wouldn't be me.

I'm so the opposite. I hate being the centre of attention. Before in my pre-hijab days, I absolutely loved it, especially the attention from guys. But now, I love being invisible. :)

Amira said...

3. I blog when I should be doing other things as well
4. WOOT! Mabrook!
5. wow awesome explanation.
6. I think we all have but like HAS said we learn inshallah.
7. I'm the complete opposite.
Thanks for tagging me!

muslimah93 said...

Honey, we've all made mistakes, but instead of wishing to change them or take them back, we should ask for forgiveness when ever we remember them and learn from our mistakes. And ooh! How bout rosey for ur nickname? Ehh. How bout bloodyyy? =D Hahaha. Jkjk! Andd, uh, is it okay if i do the tag by emaill? =) Xoxo! =)

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ heart/and/soul- haha i am girl, i dont consider myself a "woman" and yeah I hate blending into the background.:]

@ amira- no problem

@ muslimah93- sure you can!

Ashi said...

sis ur young, dont hold regrets, u have ur whole life ahead of u to make it right insha'Allah. just be urself and watch, one day in a few years time ul wonder how u grew up so fast!