Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So i had mine yesterday. they had to surgically take out all my wisdom teeth since apparently thats what has been causing my pain for the last 5 months. It had gone pretyy bad since the last time I blogged about my health. But Inshallah Im cured( hopefully) so since I've done this my face has swoleen up so bad, I probably won't be able to perform in my theatre showcase, or try out for volleybal. Perfect -.-.

So on another note I kind of wanted to do a fashion related post on this blog, even though I have a seprate fashion blog. I was watching What not to wear today and they were telling the lady to wear shirts taht came above her waistline ( like abovehe hips, not belly-revealing) and then I realized are there any rules for hijabis/ modest people when it comes to dressing for your body type. And the answer is yes. I know mowst of you just wear an abaya. And I havent really stuck to wearing hijab since I got sick. ( i know its confusing, i leave out a lot of details from my life when I blog) But for those of you who wear jeans and don't like your butt to be on show ( i know I don't even if I wear hijab) there are a couple hijabi/modest rules

1. wear oversized shirts that are supposed to be oversized. These are usually tunics and those dress-shirt types. I bought one last weekend. you cant just wear an over-sized tshirt. no offense but there are a lot hijabis who wear jeans and look very frumpy. If you are wearing jeans instead of an abaya, you still have to dress for your body type.

2. wide leg jeans are great but not on all body types. if your petite stick to straight legs. And you dont want to go so wide of a leg that when you put your legs together it looks like a skirt. it personally looks ridicoulous.  wear pants that hit wear they are suppose to. you arent going for the baggy look, you are going for a covered look. get a pant that fits at the waist and hits the crotch where your crotch is. If you are a hijabi you shirt is supposed to cover the areas that are fitted. but then the pants wont look like they are falling off you. And stick with darker washes. Only celebrities can pull of faded jeans.

and before you comment thathijab is for allah and we shouldnt care what other think or try to look attractive, i know that! no need to comment on that. these are merely just tips.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't been on my blog in a few days, but I hope you are feeling better now inshallah!
Btw, those tips about the jeans are really good. I've heard similiar (probably the same) style suggestions, but the ones you gave def made sense. So thanks :D

myownpersonalrehab said...

No problem