Friday, May 21, 2010

So what's new today?

Hello lovely people, so what's new today?
Well yesterday, I went to see the perfomances of my fellow classmates. They did pretty okay, I woke up this morning ( late as usual) finally being able to open my mouth. im in a massive fashion/beauty mood.

I want to go on another shopping spree. I decided to want to update my style, which require a substantial amount of money ( im pretty sure I spelled that wrong) Today I have a youth group meeting in my mosque. I ralized how random my blog is.

After watching the hills i reralized if you have light skin and blond hair, black hair looks really dramtic on you. stick with lighter brown shades. But people like me more tanned and darker coloring, darker colors don't affect us. It really depends on your season coloring. ( you know when people say you're a winter or summer0 Us darker winters can pull of black eyeliner. But darker autumns like my siter should still stick to darker browns. Black looks too harsh on her. Black on blondes should be reserved to more dramatic occasions. Can someone please tell that to Heidi Montag!

I wanna go dye my hair brown, I'm so random huh? lol Well if you ever need makeup advice, feel free to ask me! I'm dying of boredom!!!! and yet, I still have pages of unfinished homework lying around......


Amira said...

lol nice post i like randomness. hmmm makeup advice yea I totally need it. I honestly dont know much about it. my mom got me a whole bunch of nice eyeshadow and stuff but I dont really know how to make it work if you know what I mean. people say watch youtube vid and i guess one day ill get around to that.

BubbliMuslima said...

ya its pretty random, but thats why i love it. anywho ya i am also going thru this phase where i wanna really know what looks good on me and also thinking more about makeup. i would just use mascara eyeliner and gloss or lip balm outdoors but doesnt mean i shouldnt learn how to use other makeup like eyeshadow, blush, etc.

well i have medium toned skin, w/ dark brown/black hair and light/medium brown eyes. so idk.

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ amira
i'd be happy to help you out if you tell me what color hair/skin/eyes you have

@ Bubbli- i postd some stuff on you makeup post lemme know if it helped!