Sunday, May 30, 2010

My dear little sisters

So my parents don't let us take sex ed in health, i don't know why, its not like we don't know about it, like seriously my mom never lets us even talk about periods either lol. But my sister whose taking it right now has  to do a makeup project for it and the studipd crazy ass teacher who made me do something similar last year gave it to us without explaining what to do. Now i was gone the whole day so my six year old sister bugged the 13 year old. And the 13 year old got fed up and by the time I came home spanked her. The little one cried for awhile and said to my mom, "can I use your cell phone to call daddy and ask him what time he's coming home?" but she really just told on her. Clever girl -.- and my dad who has tempermantel issues, which drives everyone crazy, said he was going to beat up the 13 year old when he came home. i tried to calm him down but it didnt work and my mom came down and told him the 6 year old was lying. My parents never, like NEVER punish the little one, becuase she's their baby. So my other sister and I more or less raise her. My parents can't even control her. I don't believe in hitting your children unless they are way out of controll like stealing and beating up other people. So I grounded her. God that little girl got so mad. she wouldn't even speak to me. This is like her first ever punishment. I took away computer, ipod, music, and tv privillages. SHe asked if I could just teach her a lesson like they do on tv shows with all those plotting tricks. I was too tired and lazy and asked her if she'd rather have me hit her instead. SHe cried and whined for like a couple hours and eventually came to terms with her punishment. Meanwhile the 13 year old had gotten out of control mad her and a had to calm her down and help her realize that she needs to maintain her time with projects, which I'm sorry if you are reading this sister, but yeah. the little one is like emotionally wrecked. She thinks there is something wrong with her since she behaves bad and told me that our parents don't punish her because she has no friends at school and she cries everyday. I told her to suck it up and that I had no friends at one time and our parents punished us a lot and pretty much wrecked me childhood for me. My parents dont get along with the 13 year old and I. like the other day 13 year old was using my computer because her computer wasn't printing and my dad got mad ant her when he told her the computer wasn't printing because he said she was a know-it-all and bossy and had no respect for her. These are direct quotes.

Before you guys comment , like i know a lot of you will, and say things like we shouldnt spread gossip and tell about others sins, i use this blog to rant about my life, if you don't want to read then go find something else to do and f*** off.

ayyyyy i am never having kids.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Would you wear.....

So lately I've been posting about fashion lately, but anyways I was on this webiste I found that I love its called Its more like tip and trends for college students on a budget. Even though I still have a ferw more years the outfits are something a high school student could pull off. There was a post that caught my attention. It said would you wear dresses with pants
Ive seen Musliims wear short dresses with pants undeerneath and hijab fashion blogs commend that too. I always wondered what non-Muslims thought about some of our fashion choices. Most of them said it looked sloppy. An outfit the blog author made an outfit that which had a regular dress with black skinny jeans. This is something I wear myself too. So would you guys wear a short dress with wide-leg pants ( I know most of you guys wear hijab and prefer wide-leg) I personally think with wide leg pants it does look sloppy. A key to a great outfit is balance. If the top is loose the bottom should be fitted or alteast structured. and vice versa. Now tis doesnt apply to Hijab dress standards so what would you do. I dont wear hijab much less an abaya. If I did I'm not much of a black abaya girl. That would have to have designs colors and patterns on them. It much better fits in than if I lived in Saudi. They would like western style maxi dresses. so yea thats what I would do. SO I'd like to to know, would you wear it......

Friday, May 21, 2010

So what's new today?

Hello lovely people, so what's new today?
Well yesterday, I went to see the perfomances of my fellow classmates. They did pretty okay, I woke up this morning ( late as usual) finally being able to open my mouth. im in a massive fashion/beauty mood.

I want to go on another shopping spree. I decided to want to update my style, which require a substantial amount of money ( im pretty sure I spelled that wrong) Today I have a youth group meeting in my mosque. I ralized how random my blog is.

After watching the hills i reralized if you have light skin and blond hair, black hair looks really dramtic on you. stick with lighter brown shades. But people like me more tanned and darker coloring, darker colors don't affect us. It really depends on your season coloring. ( you know when people say you're a winter or summer0 Us darker winters can pull of black eyeliner. But darker autumns like my siter should still stick to darker browns. Black looks too harsh on her. Black on blondes should be reserved to more dramatic occasions. Can someone please tell that to Heidi Montag!

I wanna go dye my hair brown, I'm so random huh? lol Well if you ever need makeup advice, feel free to ask me! I'm dying of boredom!!!! and yet, I still have pages of unfinished homework lying around......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

At home

first of all are my posts and updates showing up on your dashboards or did I mange to screw up my blog again. Ahh well. comment if you can't see my posts please. So I'm at home because i'm still recovering. I won't be able to perorm or tryout for volleyball so I'm upset. But I'm gonna see the show anyways, which will probably make me feel bad. *tears*. My tv is not working plus there really isnt anything good on right now so I'm reduced to blogging.

How are you lovely people in this world. Lets talk.... food and clothes and summer....
I love eating ice cream and now its frozen yougurt too. Its like super good and i can eat it every single day if I could. I'm craving macaroni and cheese right now, the one from the box with the dinosaur on it. I never realy liked dinosaurs as a kid. I wanted to be a princess. I like wearing dresses the more pink and frilly and sparkly the better.

Have you guys wartched glee? its AWSOME. i have to admitt there are a couple episodes that made me cry too. I love watching tv sometimes to see what people are wearing. And then I google dress like...blhablah show/character/celebrity and see how I can get what they are wearing. I spent a lot of pointless time on the internet.

Only 14 dyas of school left although I'm still at home. what are your plans for summer??????

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So i had mine yesterday. they had to surgically take out all my wisdom teeth since apparently thats what has been causing my pain for the last 5 months. It had gone pretyy bad since the last time I blogged about my health. But Inshallah Im cured( hopefully) so since I've done this my face has swoleen up so bad, I probably won't be able to perform in my theatre showcase, or try out for volleybal. Perfect -.-.

So on another note I kind of wanted to do a fashion related post on this blog, even though I have a seprate fashion blog. I was watching What not to wear today and they were telling the lady to wear shirts taht came above her waistline ( like abovehe hips, not belly-revealing) and then I realized are there any rules for hijabis/ modest people when it comes to dressing for your body type. And the answer is yes. I know mowst of you just wear an abaya. And I havent really stuck to wearing hijab since I got sick. ( i know its confusing, i leave out a lot of details from my life when I blog) But for those of you who wear jeans and don't like your butt to be on show ( i know I don't even if I wear hijab) there are a couple hijabi/modest rules

1. wear oversized shirts that are supposed to be oversized. These are usually tunics and those dress-shirt types. I bought one last weekend. you cant just wear an over-sized tshirt. no offense but there are a lot hijabis who wear jeans and look very frumpy. If you are wearing jeans instead of an abaya, you still have to dress for your body type.

2. wide leg jeans are great but not on all body types. if your petite stick to straight legs. And you dont want to go so wide of a leg that when you put your legs together it looks like a skirt. it personally looks ridicoulous.  wear pants that hit wear they are suppose to. you arent going for the baggy look, you are going for a covered look. get a pant that fits at the waist and hits the crotch where your crotch is. If you are a hijabi you shirt is supposed to cover the areas that are fitted. but then the pants wont look like they are falling off you. And stick with darker washes. Only celebrities can pull of faded jeans.

and before you comment thathijab is for allah and we shouldnt care what other think or try to look attractive, i know that! no need to comment on that. these are merely just tips.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I like doing tag posts

I decided to make up a tag and its pretty simple and has been done before but what the hey! So Its just seven random facts about yourself.

1. my favorite color in the wholewide world is purple. I have too much purple and people i barely know can guess its my favorite color. Wich doesnt really describe why I'm typing in this color, I just think it'll look good with my blog.

2. I wasn't born here. I came from Bangladesh when I as two months old

3. I usualy blog the most often when I should be doing homework.

4. there are 17 more days of school left until summer vacation starts. I'm so excited i'll be a sophomore next year.

5. I chose my profile picture as a bloody rose because I think it best represents me. I'm happy and a chill person but I have a bit of darknes, mystery, and have a 'tainted life" from my experiences.

6. I have done so many things I regret, I wish I could take them back.. every person has a secret.

7. I love being the center of attention and having the spotlight on me. I love having that feeling that for the moment peoples only thought is of you. I'm nort like the average Muslim who likes to blend into the background 8 and don't you poeple post hadiths about this!) I like to stand out. god made us all different for a reason.

So now i'm going to tag people
Muslimah93 ( just put it in the comments)
My sister ( winning over my world)
heart and soul
forever learning

 and everyone else who reads my blog!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

20 questions tag.

Found this on Amira's blog and decided to do it. Sorry I don't have time to make it all pretty with pictures like she did

1. things you can't leave the house without?
      My cellphone

2. Favorite brand of makeup

3. Favorite flower
      orchids, sweet peas, daisies

4. Favorite store

5. Favorite perfume
    pleasure by Estee Lauder, I usually wear body sprays though

6. Heels or flats?
    HEELS! obviously sinc i have an obsession with wearing giant 4 to 5 inch ones

7. Do you make good grades?
   Mhm i do pretty well in school.

8. Favorite color?

9. Do you drink energy drinks?
   No they give me headaches

10. Do you drink juice
    Yup i'm a health freak, i love any kind of punch

11. Do you like swimming?
      yeah, really good exercise

12. do you eat fries with a fork

13. favorite moisturizer?

14. do you want to get married/
     Prolly but not too early

15. do you get mad easily
      oh yeah!

16. Are you in to ghost hunting
     uhm no

17. Any phobias?
     aww gawd a lot, bugs, small dogs with sharp teeth, hot water

18. Do you bite your nails
     No but I play with my hiar or jewelry

19. Have you had a near death experience
     if you have been reading my blog, you know what I've been going through.....

20. Do you drink cofee?
     I dont drink it often but i like it beter than tea.

So i tag everyone who reads my blog!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay so we have this roemo and Juliet project in english and we have to make a video. I'm cool with that and I love the play. But our teachers says we need to have guys in our group too. And I'm cool witht that too. the trouble is my parents. My house is like a perfect place to shoot. A have a balcony and everything. So should I risk my life and ask my parents if its okay to bring guys home..... or should I not say anything and flim at the park???

Oh and sorry there a couple blogs I have to stop following because they give me pop-up trouble.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pain is a state of mind

Pain is a state of mind,
Once you get over it, you can do whatever

That is mine, that is my philosophy.

My pain has gotten worse over the last week. At unbearable points. the doctors couldn't find anything. I've missed school. A lady who works at my school said to try the dentist next. And now finally, after 4 months, they found the problem.

as I have a lot of homework left to do. I'm going to end this post here. Creates for a dramatic suspence.

Monday, May 3, 2010


just got my glasses. enough said!