Friday, April 23, 2010

Another post omg!

I'm in the mood for blogging lol. So just wanted to ask you girls what youwear at home or what you wear when you don't have to wear hijab.

For me my parents make me cover up around the house too . I'm never allowed to wear shorts or tank tops at home. I can wear tshirts. But my legs have to be fully covered.  I wish my parents let me wear what ever at home, because I like I've said a billion times it gets HOT! If it was up to me tanks and shorts all day!. I dont like to dress up at home, but I wish I had more freedom.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I wear whatever I want at home. But what I want are a pair of jeans and whatever kind of shirt. Islamically you are not allowed to show your navel to your knees just like men (in front of Mahram only in our case though) so that is why your parents don't want you wearing shorts plus the whole cultural thing. When I was younger I'd always get yelled at because I'd wear tank tops and my step dad would cry about it. Now I understand but I was only twelve and I do not believe I was showing too much skin...once again, culture.

R2theM said...

I grew up in a very conservative family. If my father had got his way, I'd have lived in salwar kameezes. Seriously, he used to lecture us about how immodest we were for not wearing them!

My mum's an Aussie though and we live in Australia so most of the time it was jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes cargo pants, on a few occasions I'd wear capri's.

I never wore shorts at home and tank-tops were only permitted when we were wearing a shirt with it (to cover our arms or to do up the top buttons in case of a cleavage slip).

I was a tomboy during my teens so I wore ZERO skirts. None. I wore dresses for special occasions only and they were v. rare.

I'm married now and I wear whatever I want. I'm glad I married young for that reason (17... am now 22... OMG, I'm so OLD!). My kids are still young and they're girls so if I doll myself up as a 'yummy mummy'I don't have any worries. They share my makeup. ;)

I live in jeans and I'm not really into the tights or mini-denim shorts fad. I hate boardies.

My dad wanted us to grow up with a shyness in front of males. I understand that now. Back during the 40oC heat, I didn't. While I suppose showing up to the knee wouldn't have been considered too much, we knew not to push it. The good thing is that it taught me the best time and place for certain outfits.

Ashi said...

i live in my pyjamas until i can get away with it lol. i've worn salwar kameez at home and soemtimes out since i was like ten. cotton ones are my fave, they're something i'd never walk out of the house in, but they are the most comfiest to laze about in after a hard day at work! otherwise i wear dresses/tunics and jeans/linen trousers.

although i wear whatever i feel comfortable in, at the same time i still dress modestly because id feel weird otherwise. i know my dad is my mahram and all, but i still feel i have to cover up [without hijab though] in respect of that. also we get alot of guests in and out of the house so u never really know whos gonna turn up and its ideal to be dressed modest enough to throw a scarf on my head if need be.

but im cool with that, thats how i've been bought up so if my mother one day gave me the option of wearing leggings and tops around the house, id pass. its not me =)

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ everyone
I see thanks. My parents don't force me to wear salwar kameez at home but I live in shalwar pants. I could never wear jeans at home.

Forever Learning said...

I usually just wear my pj's most of the time LOL Im a little lazy!

My mum has really never had a problem with what I wear at home but since a recent visit to my country (Somalia) I wear a kind of somali dress at home ..I don't really know how to describe it but yeah! P.S Im a newcomer to your blog and I think its great!

iwanttogotojannah said...

Assalamualaikum..hi there :)

i usually wear tshirt and long pants at home,sometimes my pj
it would be much more appropriate if a girl would cover her legs especially in front of your dad or brothers ^____________^

myownpersonalrehab said...

@foereverlearning thank you for visiting my blog1

yea I pretty much wear the same thing, except I don't have brothers, and my dad is like never home. I don't usually see my mom for more than a few hours a day either. So you see my frustration.