Friday, April 23, 2010

Whats this two posts in a row?

Im usually very lazu about posting. AlabasterMuslim asked for an update on my health. I cant't really give you one till i get the results in 3 weeks. My birthday was great I kicked my sisters out of my room and watched Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince and Leap Day on the internet. My family doesnt waste money on going to the movies, wea watch them on tv or the internet. I've doing these state tests taht every 2nd to 1th grader has to take in the state of California. Ayyy they are a pain! One week of them done, another to go. Muahaha ive found a way to hijabify a miniskrt. ( everybody applaud) So what you do. but remeber this is because I wear jeans. Not gonna work if you are a skrt hijabi, and well if you wear abaya i guess your kinda covered. So what you do is start off with a tank top and pull on a high wiasted sjirt to just below your "chest". dfont call the haram police yet. Put jeans on under the skirt and thorw on a jacket/cardigam whatever you like. then button the middle so you you have some space showing the shirt. It'll look just like a dress or long tunic. I'll make an outfit on my fashion blog about this so you get a biteer idea.


Winning-over-my-world said...

Did you bother to say that I made up this look? Such a horrible sis. And don't you ever spell check. so many errors in your posts. That's not cool yo!