Monday, April 12, 2010

What happened during spring break.

So I had a goal to post everyday during Spring break. But days passed and I had got really busy and had tons of fun. So I decided to post now while I should be doing homework :]

Friday night- won the iTouch
Saturday- chill day, a day to de-stress
Sunday- Cousins from London came over, tons of hugging. EARTHQUAKE!
Monday- spending time with the cousins
Tuesday- we all go over to a family friends house have fun there, eat a lot! spend the night over
Wedensday- wake up have fun eat. At night we go to a party at one of my uncle's rich doctor colleauges house.
Thursday- went out to eat
Friday- old people come -.- another party
Saturday- Masjid ( mosque)
Sunday- last moments with my cousins another party and shopping

Parties are what Bengalis do :]

Ok so one thing that bugs me even though its a stupid and pretty mean thing and everyone has their own opninions on things are the way some people view Islam. There are people who shoudn't call themselves Muslims because they don't practice it and then there are people who annoy me with how religious they are. It seems like they are showing off. They seem like the Haram police to me. And Im trying not to bash anyone here....but well what else can I say. I'm not the most perfect Muslim and I'll proudly say so. There are haram things I do and I wish I didnt do it but well my life is a work in progress.

Like for example, hijab. I dont wear hijab. I dress modestly enough but Its not always hijab worthy. I dont wear hijab because one I' m still not healthy enough to cover my ears and front part of the troat part for long periods of time. So I wear it Like Indian/ pakistani duppatta style. This is what is best for me at the moment. The second thing is that I'm not ready emotionally ready yet. I am past the age of puberty and I am not innocent. But still I dont feel emotionally ready yet. I can't really explain it by typing it.

And I talk and I'm friends with guys. I know thats haram. But I do it. I try to avoid it if I can. My intentions are never to physically do any thing with them. And I know a lot of you guys are like well still you do it. I know but I'm working on it. See another thing is that if I wore hijab and I  still talked to guys , what would be the point of it!

So you get what I'm going at. Its ironic though because my parents are really religious, they built a Masjid Alhmadulliah. I've been put in Islamic schools since I was 4. but these things happened.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I'm so happy that you got to spend time with your cousins!! How cool!! Are they still there, or did they leave? (sorry if you mentioned that...)

Ok soooo there are no excuses for not wearing hijab missy! But don't think I'm getting on your case LOL we talked through email about this and you know all about my own hijab journey :D The good thing is that you recognize your own faults and you want to work on them. Plus when you pointed out that if you wore hijab there would be no point since you talk to guys...well, that makes sense. Some people can just jump into things and become instantly uh not perfect but religious, and some people have to work at it. Inshallah Allah swt knows our intentions, and forgives us for our sins. (AMEEN!)

I can't stand people who act really religious either. I don't mean pious, I mean the people who it off. Its like you look at them and you can tell its not all sincere. Allahu Alim. Gut instinct though, right? But you can't even say anything because then it just seems like you are putting them down for being religious when that's not the case at all!

myownpersonalrehab said...

Haha yeah they left yesterday mornIng. I know there are no excuses buy like I said I just don't want to wear it I'm just not ready yet. Even though I really want to !! The thing is I'm not like rhe usual hijabis or hijab potentials. I draw attention to myself. I'm not one foe the sidelines. I like the be centerstage and center of attention. My style is pretty bold too. I feel like I'd be giving that if wear hijab at this age. I feel to immature at times. Im not like for example like an old blogger I don't know if you know her Ayagyptian, whose around my age. Thank you for commenting though!