Saturday, April 17, 2010

A night spent at the Hospital

I know a lot of my posts are about me being sick. And I'm sorry if this is getting boring for you guys so I'll do my best to talk about some other stuff. So last night I had to have my sleep apnea test done. Sleep apnea pretty much means you have difficulty breathing during your sleep. So my doctors and my parents want to make sure I dont have it because it could be causing my headaches. So I went to downtown L.A.( its like 30 minutes from my house) because my hospital doesnt have have that lab. So there were about 6 other patients who were waiting to do that test too. There was like a tech for each of us. And so after my tech calls me in I get changed into my P.J.s and stuff. And then she hooks all these wires onto me and attach me to a machine. It literally took an hour to prep me for the thing. And then i go to bed. It was about 10 p.m. I usually to sleep around 11 which was kinda a problem for since I don't fall asleep easily. They have a camera and an intercom in the room so they can hear and see eveything so they can monitor me and speak to me if i need anything. And my dad who had to come with me because minors can't be by themselves, so he had to sleep in a chair. And in the middle of the night I  guess he was having a nightmare because he kept screaming. That was pretty bad for me because No is suppoed to interfere with my sleep and he woke me up. So the techs and nurses had to come check in on him to make sure he was okay, becuase well i coudn't move since I was attached to the machine.

And then I was awake again. My tech came in to reconnect a wire taht had unplugged and last night I had trouble breathing so my throat was extremely dry. I really hope that they can take my tonsils pout, because I don't know if you can actaully feel your tonsils but mine hurt. So after I got my water and went to the bathroom ( they had to unplug me for that) i tried going back to sleep. I actually managed to get a lot of sleep last night. We were signed out 5 A.M.

So thats pretty much experience.
Hijab is going good for me. I have to take it off at P.E. though i can't handle it without getting a headache. :(
But minus the total of that 45 minutes since im taken up hijab I've kept it up.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Ok, so I know you just wrote about having test done, but omg I felt so bad for your dad! It takes a lot to make someone scream in their sleep, its definitely not something that normally happens. May Allah swt help him and soothe his dreams, ameen! Bad dreams are from Shaiytaan, and a way to keep the bad dreams away is going to sleep with wudhu.
When are they going to give you your results for your tests? Write a post about it please, so we can know how it went!

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ Actually my mom says my dad screams a lot! I wont have the results for another 3 to 4 weeks
:[. I will post about it though

muslimah93 said...

What happenedd? I just saw this post noww! How are youuu?