Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wore hijab today

So i had been thinking about it lately and i decided I'd give hijab another try. So i wore it to school today. This is is prertty much what i wore: a purple short sleeve tunic style top, a tank top, a new jacket my mom bought that is a zebra stripe pattern ( and i dont mean just detail, i mean the whole jacket was in zebra print), black jeans, and my knock off ugg boots, a puprle scarf with a back undercap , and a seond white lace undercap. I managed to incorporate my style into jiab. The only problem is that it was sooooooooo hot today! i was dying in all those layers. does anyone have any advice for me on what to wear to high school thats till fashionable and hijabi but not as hot. And i dont wear maxi skrts and abays.

So heres what I thought of it. Im not going to lie, I'm a teenager and most 15 year old american girls arent that pios. I thought that it was unbearably hot but i manged it to wear it through out the day. But ii dont feel like it made me "safer" and " less looked at". I sometimes used to feel that when wearing hijab. But yea guys still talked to me and stuff. But i don't mind. I dont want people to change the way they think of me because I wear hijab. But i do want them to respect me for it because It does take courage to wear and i want my friends to support me. I dont get that as much as I'd like. Which bums me out. Hijab gave me some benifits though today, it kind of protects you against the sun, at first when other bloggers said that I thought it was no offense, crap. But it actually does. But i did feel rediculously hot in what i wore today, bad planning in my part.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Dude, I am really sensitive to heat. I'm so white lol and I get soo red which sucked especially in high school. I've told you this before, but as soon as you are out of high school, hijab gets sooooooooooo much easier! You don't have to be around people who you know will look at you badly. All that drama and crap will just be totally beneath you, inshalah.
Anyway OMGOMOGMOGMOGMOMGOGM I'M SOOO PROUD OF YOU! Your outfit sounds sooo cute!! In the other posts I told you how I understand about how you talk to guys and that kind of defeats the purpose of the same time, if you want to wear hijab, don't let that stop you! MASHALLAH I know you must have looked soo beautiful wearing it!

One way to not be so hot is of course try to not wear so many layers. If you are like most people you can't just run right out there and buy a whole new wardrobe to fit your needs, but if its possible try getting some longer shirts, or those short mini dresses and wear your jeans under them.

I'm not in school anymore so I don't have to go to P.E. which by that time I know hijab must be so hard to maintain, but hang in there! Inshallah, Allah swt will take care of you for trying to do what is right :D

R2theM said...

Cotton clothing is great to hep keep cool. Aussie summers get up to 42oC sometimes so I've had exsperience. Also, clingy clothes like tight undershirts and layers can trap in heat. Wearing a cotton button-up shirt (like a tailored office shirt) is a cooler option.

Cotton, viscose, rayon -- always check the fabric because while something might feel thin and may appear cool, the material it's made from can have a dramatic effect on how much heat it retains.

Summer cardigans are a great buy as they can cover your arms and give you length is left draped open. They're also very fashionable, thin and cool!

myownpersonalrehab said...

@Alabaster- Im hanging in there i wore hijab again today. But i starterd getting heache with the undercaps and stuff so I them off and just wore the scarf part. I cant help the guy situation. Like this one dude in my PE who totally creeps me out and makes me give hima fist pound everytime i see him. I just ignore him so he kinda just does against my shoulder which is even more awkward. But hey its high school and guys will talk to you even regardless of weather you wear hijab or not.

Im gonna try get some cardigans. But im not really open to the tailored button up shirt. Not really my style. But thanmks for the cloth reading label tip.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations darling, the advice that I can offer would be to stick with cooler materials such as silk, linen and cotton.

Sometimes you could just wear a plain, long leaved cotton tee under a cute little baby doll dress paired with skinny jeans and gladiator flats.

If you want something a little edgier, maybe a boyfriend fit tshirt under an open, cotton plaid shirt, the kind you find in Abercrombie and Fitch, again over a pair of jeans.

Amira said...

Mashallah thats great, Congratulations! Maybe you should try different materials in regards to your scarf. Like some that dont require under scarves? If you go on youtube there are a lot of hijab tutorials aimed at girls in school so you should check them out and you can adjust those styles to conform to you. As for clothes the above two people mashallah gave good ideas, what you could also do it check out the blogs aimed at islamic hijab attire like the polyvore sets and get ideas off of them.