Monday, June 7, 2010

Today was good

Last full day of school. I had everyone sign my big pink purse and it got COVERED from signitures some of the ink kinda smudged onto my hands and new shirt. I luckily managed to wash it off. I felt kinda exicted but a bit sad that my freshman year is coming to an end. This was by far the best school year I have ever had. I hope that the following years can be hald as good. I feel like I've grown up as a person and a Muslim. I understand my religion better even if I don't wear hijab. I'd rather be a better Muslim and not wear hijab then not give a rip about it all together. Suprisingly blogging helped me with this. I've gotten sick and learned life is not fair but we have to deal with it and move on and thank god for every moment we are alive. i've learned not to proud of myslef and be arrogant and that humility is best. Personal experience from this year showed me what can happen when I am too over-confident. I've stopped cutting I've learned that its okay to be upset and that I'm not responsible for other people shit and I don't have to feel bad, just keep your head held high and keep going. I've learned its okay to cry, and to show emotions. I've learned what true friends mean. I've learned how to make friends and not to keep quiet but get involved in conversations. I've learned not to wait for something to happen but to create your own destiny. But most of all I learned to be a better person.

This year was filled with so many memories and laughs and tears. From learning that my old friends weren;t in my classes, tolearning who my true friends are. to joining theatre. To not wearing hijab. To making friends. To dealing with family issues. To all that stuff called education. To my health. To realize my love for sports. to heart break. To confusion. To elatemnet. To strange walks from class to class. To vacations. to weekends. To family. To friends.

  So R.I.P. big pink purse, one door is closing and I'm alomost through the next one.


AlabasterMuslim said...

btw, very nice post.

R.I.P big pink purse. You served your master well.

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ alabaster
haha thank you, yes it served me well. One of the very few purses in creatipn that can hold 3 binders and a pair of sneakers. lol with all my other junk.

BubbliMuslima said...

awww its always sad at the end of the year, I'm glad you learned so much, i have also learned so much this year, Subhannallah, and blogging definitly had a big part in helping me change, i've met so many good people, and made awesome friends.

P.s. i've also got a purse like that except its brown and white zebra one, and it holds all my stuff :)

Anya said...

awwwww dont worry next year will be way better than this was!!

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ bubbli to big purses!

@ Anya lol I'm afraid next year won't b as good

A.B said...

woah ....thats pretty deep... nice to know this year was good for you....this year went by really fast for me........yeah im kinda afraid about next year too.....