Friday, June 18, 2010

i'm depressed

Warning this is a ranting post:

So i didn't make the volleyball team, and when I tried cross country I couldn't do that either, because I realized my jaw is hurting again. So for the last few days I've ben a bit of pain and discomfort. I feel horrible that I let this take over my life. Sports in my high school is everything. And I hate not being a part of something. So I guess I'm going to do theatre again next year. I actually stopped enjoying it. And I hate to force myself to do something that I don' like anymore, but I feel like I have no choice. It's already strating to be a bad beginning for sophomore year, and we are only into one week of summer.

On the other side, in just three days I'm going to find myself on a plane on an epic summer vacation. But I'm kind of nervous to go back to Bangladesh. We have like no family here in the US, and everyone lives over there ( or England). I see them every four years, so I'm not as close with any of them. And I didn't actually get along with most of them the last time. Lets just say they had to put up with my very very big ego. And I had to put up with theirs. Their is a massive cultural barier. Our jokes don't translate over well. And I rarely speak Bengali at home, so I guess it sounds very F.O.B. to them. I don't know I mean the las time I went I was this little bratty 11 year old. The sterotypical drama tween. ( and now tween is replaced with teen :] ) no just kidding. I WILL be more mature, even if it kills me. So you guys think this as a last testimony and will ( this is the part where you laugh)
Wow I just managed to change my mood through the entire course of typing. As most of you guys have noticed, I hate typing, so I type with a lot of gramatical mistakes. My apolozies again on that matter.
Okay this is getting very random, did I mention I can't find my leggings and white tank top, which I by the way " NEED".


Anonymous said...

lol! i know what u mean! but dont worry about bangladesh or highschool. ur sophomore its almost over. the day u enter college u'll laugh at how stressed u were n highschool. as for banglideshsi life..find at least one friend and ditch the house. go out and discover the country!!!

AlabasterMuslim said...

I love u! don't be depressed :( Inshallah you can join something else... how about those year book clubs? Or photography clubs? You'll learn soo much about taking pics, that'd be cool. Sports are lame anyway! (hehe jk, I sucked at sports so I guess you can't listen to me on that one).
I'm going to miss you and your sister when you are on your trip *tears* inshallah Allah swt will protect you and your family, ameen. And don't show them your ego, they'll be like wowwww she grew up! But you'll probably have all the guys hitting on you too. I wish i could be there to shoo them away hehe.

Jaz said...

Don't be depressed about the sports team, sorry that you didn't make it and I know it seems like a lot now. But there's a lot of competition but soon you'll realise how little this stuff matters, there's much bigger fish to fry like YOUR TRIP TO BANGLADESH!

That sounds like a really great experience, hope you blog about it when you come back. Enjoy the journey!

Ashi said...

Bangladesh is an awesome awesome experience! like u said u were pretty young last time so hopefully this time round ul enjoy it more. people back home expect u to have a big ego and im sure u dont even have one of those so no need to worry there. let urself enjoy the culture and get to know people there, u might even miss it when u come back :P pack lots of light breezy clothes, its so damn humid this time of year.

i agree with everyone above about high school....dont worry so much :)

khadijah said...

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Constructive Attitude said...

maybe you can try out for something else!

Anonymous said...

If you really wanna be happy, start wearing a burqa.

Indonesian Prince

myownpersonalrehab said...

@ everyone thanks
@ indonesian prince. uhmmm i don't even wear hijab yet. and really stop writing saracastic comments on my blog, i don't tolerate them.