Sunday, December 27, 2009


my vacation was greatttt! and not long after i was able to upload pictures and post them on facebook lol. so before we left wednesday morning i got a surprise visit from two friends of mine who brought over a christmas present for me. i was like aww u guys dont have i mean i dont even celebrate christmas but they were like ohh its ok we wanted to. so I got a tshirt n a pair of earings frm forever21 plus my mom's friends gave me a $25 forever21 gift card. (im really known to love forever21). so the vaction was great tonsa snow and i went on hike/rockclimbing experience on the shore of a river. my parents friends own a motel there so we got free food and rooms. however their cooking had a ton of oils n spices tht affected me later which i will get to in a moment. yesterday night i went to a party of my err second cuzin once removed or something like tht where i met ppl who happened to be long lost relatives! aha well last night i was going to lseep when a friend texted me at 11s o i decided to talk to her i was planning to fast today like i did yesterday for Muharram. well around 12 i got horrible cramps and pains like i was on period but ten times worse and all over my stomach area. i went downstairs for tumbs but cudnt find any, so i had to wake up my mom and then the cramps got much worse so my mom gave me a hot water pack n other assorted medicines cuz apperently the food i had eaten during my vacation had affected me.

so yea thts pretty it.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I don't celebrate christmas either (duh you know that lol) but I LOVE PRESENTSSSSS! ESPECIALLY FROM FOREVER21!!!
Inshallah your stomach feels better.
Too much Desi food does that to me, I think it is all the spices i'm not sure..

myownpersonalrehab said...


yea thanks my stomach did feel better, i hav no choice but to eat desi food since im full desi born in desi and will die desi lol. so i have a question tht ill try to say without sounding as racist as possible what do you eat like like as a caucasian (if i spelled tht rite) person like besides sterotypical sandwhich n pizzas? just wondering i kno like hardly any full white ppl lol