Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Eid

So thursday after school and after rehersals, I came ditch my school bag, took a shower and got started on my nails. I wasn't fasting that day so I decided to pamper and feed myself at the same time. My mom refuses to spend money on us for a salon so we do things ourselves. It took my quite awhile than usual to get my nails done perfectly. Then I did my hair and scribbled on some hennah. I have no talent for it, my sister does, but i was impatient I did it myself. We had guests from North cali who were going to spend eid with us come over. The next morning, I got up got dressed. I wore this red anarkoli, I'll get pics of it later. and my makeup and [ut fianl adjustments to my hair. We went to the Mosque in Ontario and it was super fun with all our friends and stuff. Then we went to this house where we've gone first at Eid day since we were like born. I have friends there so it was fun. And OMG fooodddd. yummm. then we went to this other house. It was fun too, but my parents needed to go someplace so they kinda ditched us at the second house and would came back for it later. I think my sisterss and I sort of overstayed our welcame.... I went to a third house and met up with friends there too. We came back around 4 pm. which is a big dissapointment, but the family that stayed with us was making their tri back up north. After awhile i grabbed a bunch of food and locked myself in my room watching tv. we had a few guests taht too. It was a really super fun eid.

The next day i attempted to do some homework. And later at night, we got all dressed up again and went o my friends house, where she graciously gifted us with purses and products. ( some of my favorite things :] ). from there we went to another party. and came back at one pm at night. super fun eid so far :)